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Updated: 7th May 2011


Dear members,

1.        ZingVaa Last Social
2.        DnD 26/04/11


MASSOC Last Social 10/11 Zing Vaa

Hey all!!!!
So exams are coming up or have even started for some of you and I'm sure we're all anxious about revision and the exams themselves but hopefully you'll come for our last social! :)
It is going to be a set menu dinner at Zing Vaa at the Moor :) The chickens in Zing Vaa are halal so muslims are very welcome to join! :)

Date: 13th May 2011, Friday
Time: 6.30 pm
Venue: Zing Vaa
Price: 6 per person

Szechuan Sweet and Sour Mouth-Watering Chicken on the
Tofu and fish slices "doufa you peen" in an egg white sauce
Lo Hon Gai Vegetables
Szechuan Dry Chilli and Garlic Chicken
Ma Po Doufou, with mixed seafood

Braised Beef Brisket braised with tomatoes and potatoes (halal option: Braised Sze Chuan Aubergine Hot Pot)
Steamed Rice

Please RSVP by Wednesday the 11th of May by advance payment. I(Phoebe) will be in Coffee Rev from 1 pm to 3 pm to collect.
Good luck revising and with exams!
Loads of MASSOC love


MASSOC Dinner and Dance 26 April 2011

Amore da Sogno, MASSOC DnD
Amore da Sogno, the theme for out Dinner and Dance this year, has attracted over 100 guests, breaking our sales record from the past few years. There were great food, great music and an amazing crowd. Not to mention lively salsa instructors. The annual event, proudly sponsored by Omnia Space, Lush, Sushi Express, Zing Vaa and Yummy's, was a big success. All MASSOC members had a night to remember at the Holiday Inn, winning great lucky draw prizes and having a good time meeting new people.
MASSOC Dinner and Dance Committee would like to say a big thank you to all those who attended the meaningful event!

Here's a couple of photos of the event.
Picture 1 Picture 2
Picture 3 Picture 4
Picture 5


MASSOC 2010/2011
Proudly Sponsored by:

Yummy's Noodle Bar
Wong Ting

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